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Each STEP Support assignment module starts with a warm-up exercise, followed by preparatory work leading to a STEP question. .
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  • Label the two acute angles A and B.
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    In an elegant half page paper, Burk (1985) proves the following order of sample means: harmonic mean<geometric mean-<arithmetic mean<root mean square (see appendix for definition of these sam-ple means).

  • We show that our definition is the only one in the literature.
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    Add up all areas.

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  • For example: For the given two numbers: 20 and 25.
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    This pattern is general; it is the famous arithmetic-meangeometric-mean (AM.

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    = Write a proportion.

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    1 Geometric Mean Name _____ 1) If an altitude is drawn to the hypotenuse of triangle BAN below, then name and redraw the 3 similar triangles created.